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80s Hair – 80s Hairstyles that Inspire us Today

80s Hair – 80s Hairstyles that Inspire us Today

80s Hair

The look and hairstyles of the 80s hair generate. It was a decade in which fashion was uncovering. Pop culture was strongly felt thanks to the irruption of bands and films.

Pop music, rock, heavy metal marked a style, and in terms of vintage hairstyles, they consolidated between daring and exaggeration.

80s hairstyles that inspire us today

Two lengths

  • Short at the top, long at the back. We talk about the famous mullet cut, a unisex cut that marked this decade.
  • And was popularizing by David Bowie in his role as Jareth in the movie Inside the Labyrinth (1986).
  • This style is based on contrast and can be modelled so that this is emphasizing. For example, with a spiky top.

Fire pixie

  • The pixie cut also had its moment of glory back in the 80s. Fashion? Wear it with orange hair, well lit. Of course, with the specific jobs of the time.
  • From Annie Lennox to David Bowie, this style made history in the heads of more than one standard-bearer of the androgynous.


  • Boy George is a chameleon, but if there is one look of his recording among the hairstyles of the 80s, this is it.
  • It has several condiments: the hat, the handkerchief and the braids with ribbons or braids with wool. This mix provides color, texture and, without a doubt, a lot of personalities.


  • The hairstyles of the 80s were pure stridency and originality. However, we found inspiration a bit more low-key. Straight, very straight hair stepped cut at the sides, long rounded bangs and inward ends.


  • Upward hairstyles were very common in this decade, especially among musical artists. We saw it on Billy Idol, The Cure, and other cult bands.
  • With a little help of gel, anything can be done, even this side-up style.

Voluminous ponytail

  • As you may have noticed by now, a key ingredient in 80s hairstyles is volume. In this case, we see it in a high ponytail held up by, yes, scrunchies.
  • XL accessories, in fluo or vibrant colors, were the order of the day. It is a style that we might as well carry today.


  • The perm is another of the indisputable hairstyles of the 80s. Just as straightening is all the rage now, messy curlers were in those years.
  • We see this inspiration with the voluminous curls, including the curly bangs.

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