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Curly Hairstyles – 5 Curly Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles – 5 Curly Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles

Looking for a way to enhance your curly hairstyles, why not add a pop of colour to them?

With the new dye, you can have fun making a variety of fun and daring curly hairstyles.

Highlight your hair’s natural texture by experimenting with some of the latest hair and color trends.

If you want inspiration, keep reading because here we have some fantastic ideas to get the most out of your curls.

1. Complete Auburn

  • We love brown hair as it is one of the most accessible transitional shades to try if you have curly hair.
  • This reddish-brown shade looks cute in all lengths, and the color suits all seasons. What can we tell you? It is a beauty.

2. Two-tone mini afro

  • Another look we love is the two-tone mini afro. Go for your favourite hair color and one that you are dying to try to add a fun touch to your hair.
  • Place the brightest color in the centre to be the focal point. We promise you instant appeal.

3. Deep red

  • Red hair brings out the curls, but why not elevate this color to a fiery red will give you a fierce look.
  • Don’t forget to apply a serum like Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Creme Serum to help you tame frizz. Your curls will look very striking.

4. Blonde Rasta

  • Create a new look for your locks by applying a blonde tint. Have fun with this color lighter than your natural hair while trying out the rope hairstyle trend.
  • Your Rastas have never looked so modern, full of color and personality.

5. Eye-catching braid

  • Brighten up your braids by adding a bold color to them.
  • We love to inject color into braided hairstyles, and the more eye-catching the color, the better.
  • A blue, pink or orange-coloured braid will look divine on your hair, especially if it already has accents like braids. You can also make bows that are so fashionable.

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