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1-800-388-5512 Amazon – Customer Service for U.S and Canada

1-800-388-5512 Amazon – Customer Service for U.S and Canada


Amazon is an American Multinational Technology Company which is engaged in e-commerce, cloud computing, advertising online, good retails, Artificial Intelligence and digital streaming.

Amazon offers IT infrastructure offerings to businesses inside the form of web services, now usually known as cloud computing. One of the important key benefits of cloud computing is the capability to replace up-front infrastructure fees with low variable charges that scale along with your business. With the cloud, organizations now no need to devise and buy servers and other IT infrastructure weeks or months in advance. Instead, they are able to instantly spin up masses or lots of servers in mins and deliver results fastens.

Today, Amazon internet offerings gives a fantastically dependable, scalable, and occasional-value cloud infrastructure platform that powers hundreds of thousands of groups in a 190 international locations round the world.

Benefits of Customer Service by Amazon

  • Save time and effort
  • Improve performance
  • 24/7 Support
  • Local language

Amazon Customer Service Overview

Customer service of Amazon is rated at 2.6 out of 5. Customers who are trying to contact the company are mostly neutral.  More commonly used way of contact is by phone.

Best Contacts – The best phone numbers to call Amazon is 1-800-388-5512 or 8882804331. 81% of consumers used these number to address their issues and concerns. Meanwhile, 87% of users reported contacting a real person successfully by dialing the phone number 8662161075.

Toll Free Numbers – 1-800-388-5512 or 1-888-280-4331,  Contact real person from Amazon – 8662161075

Average Hold Time – The average hold time is up to 3 minutes. The longest wait times are on Monday, while the shortest are on Sunday. The average call time is 8 minutes.

Prepare to Talk with Customer Care – Be prepared for the call as Amazon may ask you for the following information to identify you as a customer: first and last name, email or phone number.

Payments Issues – People call Amazon mainly because of account, payments and charges.

Issues Resolved – 32% of the consumers who called the company’s customer support stated that their issues were resolved.

Customer Satisfaction – Most customers feel very satisfied after talking to customer service representatives.

Amazon Email Address – The best email to contact Amazon is 43% of customers use this email address to address their issues and concerns.

What is the Reason Behind Amazon Success and it’s Popularity?

What is the Reason Behind Amazon Success and it’s Popularity?

Amazon success is due in a part to its advanced business model, which allows the customers to buy anything from books, electronics, furnitures, clothings or groceries online. Moreover, it has also been very successful in the developing its own proprietary technologies, such as the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Prime. However, there are many reasons Amazon is so popular and some reasons are include:

  • Amazon is Customer-Centric
  • Amazon Sales Multiple Products
  • Amazon is Innovative
  • Amazon is Reliable
  • Amazon is Affordable & Convenient
  • Amazon is Efficient

Customer Service

Amazon customer services will answer any inquiries from the customers directly 24/7, via phone call, chat or by email.

Contact – 1-800-388-5512 Amazon  – customer service number for U.S and Canada.

Email –


Amazon frequently gives tangible merchandise through its e-commerce platform and intangible offerings through Amazon web services and other virtual services. This nature of the results factors to Amazon being a enterprise based totally on each services and products.

Furthermore, amazon has a wide variety of items for sale on their website. This includes books, song, films, video games, electronics, and greater. Some of the gadgets that Amazon sells wholesale are meals, beverages, fitness and beauty products, and family gadgets.


1-800-388-5512 Amazon – Customer Service for U.S and Canada

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