Best Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse is the high-end devices of the mouse world. They are designed to be more precise, offer a more comfortable experience.

And are built to last as gamers are likely to spend more time with their mouse than anyone else.

High-end gaming mice also have multiple buttons, highly adjustable dots-per-inch (DPI) precision, and a host of settings that include everything from custom lighting to game-specific macros.

4 Best Gaming Mouse

1.Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro

  • The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro is an actual work of art and gaming precision. It is an ergonomically intended mouse with a comfortable textured grip that fits perfectly in your hand.
  • It originates with an interchangeable side grip that keeps your fingers and thumbs off the playing surface and allows precise mouse movements.
  • However, it is wireless by design, capable of connecting via Bluetooth wireless or low latency.
  • A USB wireless transceiver comprised in the box ensures an instant and receptive connection to your gaming machine via an ultra-fast 1ms 2.4GHz wireless connection.
  • Nonetheless, you can take the Dark Core RGB Pro with you and quickly attach it to any other device. that supports Bluetooth in an instant.
  • As standard, this mouse can achieve up to 50 hours of gaming on a single charge. If that doesn’t seem like enough, there’s also the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE.
  • It is a version that’s compatible with the MM1000 Qi wireless charging pad, meaning you can keep your mouse going by placing it in the charging area when you’re not in use.
  • Here Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE is Qi-compatible, so it can not only be charged on the mat but also with any other Qi charging pad you own.

2. Speed of Light Logitech G502

  • It is a mouse that is packed with all the standard options and has a customizable weight setting that allows you to adjust its weight to your personal preferences.
  • Logitech’s G502 Lightspeed is calm, but it’s so abundant more than that. It’s very much a right-handed mouse, with many easily accessible buttons on the left side and very little for lefties.
  • It is incredibly light and agile in hand. It can also be customized in various ways. This mouse comes with 16 grams of additional weights installed inside the mouse through hidden flaps at the bottom.
  • Flip-up the flap with the bit of G, and you’ll have access to a hideaway that’s perfect for storing your wireless USB key when you need to travel with the mouse.
  • The bottom of that flap also has room for some of the weights. You can connect the two 4 gram weights here, and the rest go under the other flap that surrounds the sensor.


  • Here G502 uses Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology to safeguard you maintain a reliable, low-latency connection consistently and never let you down.
  • It also has fast-charging capabilities, which means you can get around two and a half hours of battery life on a five-minute charge this way.
  • The G502 Lightspeed can manage up to 60 hours of battery life and is also compatible with the Powerplay wireless charging system.
  • So there’s never a need to plug it in if you’re spending some extra money.
  • One of our favourite landscapes of this mouse is the mouse wheel. It is a hyper-fast scroll wheel similar to the one we saw on the Logitech G903.
  • Click a button, and you have a touch mouse wheel that provides click response with every time you scroll or an ultra-smooth, ultra-fast rotation that twists and turns.
  • This setup has various potential uses but is brilliant simply at breaking down long web pages and documents in the blink of an eye. It is also incredibly satisfying to use.

3.Best RGB gaming mouse

  • We’ve seen a few gaming mice with RGB lighting, and some are straightforward. Some are more subtle and hidden.
  • The Corsair Nightsword limits the latter, but with numerous lighting zones and many other features that make it attractive.
  • The Corsair Nightsword is a brightly design, feature-packed mouse that has a lot to offer. We have optional that it is the best RGB mouse.
  • But it is much more than that. It is a reasonable gaming mouse with all the amenities.
  • It has a contoured shape, a textured rubber finish, and a palm-grip design specifically for right-handed FPS and MOBA players.
  • Another highlight is the adjustable weight system, with six weights (three of 4.5g and three of 2.8g) placed in different designs in the lower compartment.
  • Add to that a design that comprises 10 programmable buttons. With DPI toggle buttons and multiple easy-access thumb buttons.
  • For those who love RGB lighting, there are four lighting zones on this mouse. The logo, the back, the front, and the mouse wheel.
  • There is also a DPI indicator that can also adjust in terms of color. All with the usual Corsair RGB goodness.

4.Razer Basilisk Ultimate

  • The Basilisk Ultimate is a pinnacle of Razer design – a multi-button wireless mouse. A nifty charging dock, colourful RGB lighting, and cool features.
  • This mouse pack with features, including a removable multi-function paddle that doubles as a very satisfying thumb button.
  • This palette can customize within the Synapse software, but it works as a sensitivity clutch by default.
  • Hold down the paddle in the middle of a game, and you’ll get a temporary reduction in DPI levels for precise shots or small mouse movements.
  • Once you release it, it returns to the level it was using before.
  • The other fun feature is the customizable scroll wheel. There is a small wheel at the bottom of the mouse that you can turn. To change the way the mouse wheel works.
  • Roll it to one side, and the scroll wheel becomes smooth and fast. Roll it to the other, and you will get a click response with every bit of movement of the wheel.
  • It is an excellent little customization option that we haven’t seen anywhere else.