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Authy vs Google Authenticator – Features, Offline Capabilities, and More

Authy vs Google Authenticator – Features, Offline Capabilities, and More

Authy vs Google Authenticator

Many services offer the same thing, but Authy vs Google Authenticator stand out as the best choices for 2FA.

Which one is better? That is a difficult question, but you will get the answer if you keep reading.

Google Authenticator vs Authy Features

Both of these software options use 2-factor authentication, an additional security step you should take to be cautious.

Hackers can crack passwords like it’s nothing but 2FA can keep your data safe from them.

Satisfy, take a look at some of the Authy and Authenticator’s main characteristics before deciding which one works better for you.

You can download Authy on their website for macOS, Windows, iPhone or Android after you choose. Google Authenticator can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

1. Offline Capabilities

  • You will be satisfied to know that both Authy and Google Authenticator work well offline.
  • This means that no internet connection is necessary to get 2FA codes with both of these programs.
  • Your security will stay intact no matter where you go and which software you choose. It is a tie between these apps, at least for now.

2. Link to SIM or Mobile

  • Authy is linked to your SIM card, which means that it asks for your phone number, and it puts you at some risk of SIM card spoofing.
  • The Google Authenticator is the clear winner in this section because it does not require your mobile phone number.
  • The situation creates a link with your smartphone in its place of your SIM card. It is a much better option because SIM cards are more vulnerable to intrusion.
  • Once you sign up for Google Authenticator, use your primary Google account. Even more importantly.
  • Here Google account that is primary for your device will increase your security.
  • Here score is now 2-1 in favor of Authenticator.

3. In-App Security

  • Taking in-app security for 2FA software should be a no-brainer. Nonetheless, for some reason, Google neglected to include this feature.
  • Here is no passcode authentication for Google Authenticator, and it’s unclear whether Google is planning to implement one in the future.
  • Here Authy has passcode authentication enabled. If you poverty to be extra cautious, you can even use your fingerprint instead of the passcode.
  • Nonetheless, 4–digit codes are solid security measures even without that extra layer of protection.
  • Here scoreboard between our two apps is now 2-2.

4. Backup

  • Here Authy is more practical in this regard, as it offers provision for multiple devices. All the codes on Authy are supported up to the cloud.
  • In the situation, your phone gets stolen, or you replace it, you can quickly get your codes back.
  • Once you install Authy on your new phone and confirm your identity, you will find your codes on the cloud.
  • Here Google Authenticator does not use cloud backup. You have to use the holdup codes generated when you scan a QR code.
  • Though, remember that you can use Authenticator on more than one phone simultaneously.
  • For those custody scores, it’s 3-2 in favor of Authy now.

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