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Preparation H For Eye Bags – Causes, Does Preparation H Work, and More

Preparation H For Eye Bags – Causes, Does Preparation H Work, and More

Preparation H For Eye Bags

They were using Preparation H for eye bags under the eyes. Whether they are caused by stress, age or lack of sleep, bags under the eyes are annoying and very unattractive.

Though, there is a simple and inexpensive remedy that can dramatically improve them: Preparation H.

What Causes Bags Under Eyes?

  • Bags under the eyes are caused by fats and fluids that exist naturally in this area.
  • Once the skin is young and healthy, the fat is easily contained, but many factors can cause the skin to weaken.
  • And the fat behind to push it forward, creating the appearance of inflamed bags.
  • As skin ages, it mislays some of the elasticity that kept it in good shape. As elasticity decreases, the fat under the eyes is pushed out and forward.
  • Some people have stronger skin that remains elastic for longer. Some people, however, have less delicate skin.
  • These people can develop bags under the eyes faster and more severely than others.
  • Not getting enough sleep and not knowing how to handle stress can cause the thin skin under the eyes to develop bags prematurely.

Why does Preparation H work?

  • Simply put, Preparation H cream works as it is designed to reduce inflammation in sensitive areas.
  • This product uses an ingredient called phenylephrine that reduces swelling.
  • Although it is designed to reduce inflammation of the blood vessels, it can also help reduce inflammation in other areas, such as the area under the eye.
  • Preparation H also contains lubricants that help keep skin hydrated.
  • It provides strength and protection against inflammation at times when anti-inflammatories are not being used.

How to use Preparation H under the eyes?

  • To use Preparation H under the eyes, apply a small amount of product to the affected area.
  • Depending on the type of formula in particular (some are creams and others are ointments), you may or may not rub the medicine on the skin.
  • Leave the product until you need to wash it for cosmetic reasons, for example, if you are going out and do not want to have grease. And shine under the eyelids or if you are going to apply makeup.
  • Depending on the bags’ severity, you will need to use Preparation H for several days in a row before a noticeable reduction in the problem occurs.
  • Once the bags are reduced, use the medication every day to keep your skin firm.
  • Beware of side effects. Sometimes excessive or frequent use of Preparation H can cause a burning sensation.

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