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What is Microsoft EDGE? – Software for My PC, Microsoft’s New Browser, and More

What is Microsoft EDGE? – Software for My PC, Microsoft’s New Browser, and More

What is Microsoft EDGE

What is Microsoft EDGE? EDGE has become Microsoft’s default browser on their operating systems.

It means that every time you install W10, or any other version, you can use this program to access the Internet.

What is Microsoft EDGE, and what is this software for on my PC?

  • The primary thing you should know is what a web browser is. It is a tool or computer program installed on a device.
  • And is used to surf the Internet and access web pages, download and upload files online.
  • Microsoft Edge is a browser installed by default in version 10 of the Windows operating system.
  • But this does not mean that it cannot be installed on macOS, Android and iOS.
  • It is written in C ++ and C # language and is based on the Chromium web browser developed by Google.
  • It uses the same search engine that is used in Internet Explorer, but this time called EdgeHTML.
  • However, it is associated with the assistant Cortana so that it can be worked through voice commands.
  • Its use is free, and it is available in multiple languages, manually confining the geographical location to access a better search.

What are the main features of Microsoft’s new browser?

  • The most important features that you can find in this new Microsoft browser are the following:
  • As we told you before, it is the default browser in Windows 10, thus replacing Internet Explorer.
  • The navigation tool of all previous versions. It container be used on both computers and mobile devices.
    It is compatible with Cortana so that it can be accessed and worked through the voice assistant.
  • You can install it on the somewhat operating system, as it is compatible even with iPhone phones.
  • Its use is free, and it has a graphical interface that can be customized according to the user’s needs.
  • It means that you can change the background image through the page settings, choose a photo of the day, or select your own.
  • Being based on Chromium, it works with tabs and hidden windows to navigate incognito.
  • It is done to store data on the user’s geographical location, identify the device, and display advertisements according to user preferences.
  • You will find frequent icons to access programs and topics of interest in any version of the browser.
  • It is possible to choose the geographical location to relate searches more easily and to know news related to the weather, sports, and the business world.
  • If you wish, you can access Microsoft applications using the menu located at the top left of the browser screen.
  • Finally, if you have an account associated with Microsoft OneDrive, you will be able to store annotations online on the web pages you visit.

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