How To Pluck Eyebrows

How to pluck your eyebrows step by step (to accentuate your look). Well, plucked eyebrows help us frame and accentuate our gaze.

How to pluck your eyebrows to make them look spectacular?

There are different ways to pluck the eyebrows depending on the effect you want to give it.

For some, it is simple enough to remove one or another hair that is out of place. For others, rather give a shape that helps to cover certain gaps.

1. Find the shape of your eyebrows

  • To know how to pluck your eyebrows, the fundamental thing is that you respect the natural shape and appearance that they have. And that you do not try to change them for the ones you see in magazines.
  • Nature is perfect, and your eyebrows’ shape is designed in conjunction with all the elements of your face, so you have to respect it.
  • Look closely at the birth of your eyebrows in the area of the nose and how they end on the outside of the eye.
  • See if they are more curved, straight if they have an angle and how populated they are to understand well the shape they have.

2. Find the exact point where your eyebrows begin

  • How to pluck the eyebrows correctly depends a lot on identifying the eyebrows’ key points
  • What you should do is take a pencil and place it in a straight line from the wing of the nose to the tear duct of the eye.
  • You will see that following this straight line, and the pencil points to a specific point of your eyebrow.
  • This point is the beginning of the eyebrow, so you must pluck all the hair that remains from this point to the brow.
  • Keep in mind that the most flattering way to pluck the eyebrows is to leave the beginning of the eyebrows vertical.
  • And straight unless your natural shape has some very specific slope or angle in this area.

3. Determine the highest point of your eyebrows

  • No matter how straight they are, all eyebrows have a higher point from which the shape begins to descend towards the outside. So it would help if you found it to be able to pluck the eyebrows correctly.
  • As you did with the beginning of the eyebrow, take a pencil and support it in a straight line from the tear duct of the eye to the eyebrow.
  • And move it like a diagonal compass to where you see the highest point of the eyebrow.
  • A trick to find it is that looking straight ahead, you put the pencil in line with your pupil’s outer part.
  • Normally that is where the eyebrow has its highest point and begins to descend.

4. Locate the end of the eyebrows

  • How to best pluck the eyebrows? For this, you must also find a third point which is where your eyebrows end.
  • To define it, reposition the pencil on the nose’s wing and bring it in line with the eye’s outer lacrimal.
  • The point where it crosses the eyebrow is where it should end, so you must remove all the hairs that remain from that point to the outside.
  • Now, keep in mind that the eyebrow’s height at the beginning must coincide relatively if you draw a horizontal line.
  • Otherwise instead of having a striking look, you will give yourself a very rough look (if the end of the eyebrow is higher) or a languid look (if the end of the eyebrow is lower).

5. Trim the longest hairs

  • Now that you know how to pluck your eyebrows by locating the three fundamental points.
  • You can now draw an imaginary line that determines the silhouette you should follow, or if you prefer, do it with a pencil.
  • Remember, it is always better than thicker and natural and not that you take more than necessary.
  • The next thing you have to do to continue with plucking the eyebrows is to brush your eyebrows upwards with either an eyebrow brush, a clean mascara brush or a toothbrush.
  • You will see some longer hairs that protrude from the eyebrow when you comb them upwards, cut them with a scissors or with a razor.
  • But never remove them with tweezers need them to make your eyebrows look full.

6. Pluck your eyebrows

  • It is the final step on how to pluck your eyebrows. Having already marked your eyebrows’ shape, begin to eliminate the surrounding hairs that are more evident.
  • When you are done, stop looking at yourself in the mirror for a few seconds and step back a bit.
  • Now look at yourself again from a distance and see if you see any other excess hair.
  • If you don’t see anything, then you are done. Otherwise, remove the hairs that are needed to shape your brow.
  • Of course, remember that when in doubt about plucking your eyebrows, it is always better that your eyebrows look thicker.
  • And more populated than that, you remove too many hairs, and your eyebrows get lost in the distance, so go step by step.