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How to Download Google Photos? – Download Just the Photos, and More

How to Download Google Photos? – Download Just the Photos, and More

How to Download Google Photos

We are going to show you how to download google photos. Since June 21, 2021, the application stops storing your photos for free and unlimited.

Since then, they are starting to count the space that new images occupy in your 15 GB of storage offered by Google for all its services.

Although photos from Google Photos are stored in folders, we can download all photos from Google Photos at once.

The method is simple and can be done from mobile and PC, so let’s see how it is done.

How to download all your photos from Google Photos?

  • Being a website, you can enter from iOS, Android or PC, whichever you prefer.
  • On this page, we can download backup copies from Google services, including Google Photos.
  • The first thing we will do is click on ‘unmark all’ since it is the option that is active by default.
  • Now we are going to select only the Google Photos box. We slide down entirely on the web page and click on ‘next step’.
  • A new page will open where we can configure the backup.
  • In our case, we don’t have to do anything since we will do a single export with the contents.
  • However, we can choose the type of file and the size it will occupy.
  • If you have many photos, it is advisable to download a relatively large file.
  • Although your connection is not too good, it is not harmful to bet on several small files and fewer gigs.
  • The copy will arrive at your email in the form of a link, and it can take from hours to days, depending on the amount of content you have.

How to download just the photos from an album?

  • You may not want to download all photos from Google Photos at all.
  • Some albums and folders are sometimes not very relevant (Bluetooth, third-party app folders, downloads, etc.).
  • If we want to download the photos from an album, we have to press.
  • Once the Google Photos option is checked (as we taught you before), on ‘All Photo albums included’.
  • Clicking here opens a drop-down list with the different albums we have, ordered by date.
  • The main problem is that the albums’ name is not shown, so we will have to figure out its name.
  • The next step will be to export these files.

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