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HBO Max On Roku – Install HBO Max On Roku and More

HBO Max On Roku – Install HBO Max On Roku and More

HBO Max On Roku

An agreement was finally struck, and from December 17 2020, you could stream HBO Max on Roku to the delight of binge-watchers everywhere.

When HBO Max launched in May 2020, the lack of a deal with Roku was a significant roadblock to expanding HBO’s We can also download various  movies kutty like membership base.

HBO Max on Roku: how to get it and start watching now?

  • They prevent the fledgeling service from reaching the tens of millions of Roku users who rely on the digital streaming device to get their entertainment fix.
  • But, given the brand appeal of HBO, exclusive HBO Max rights to shows like Friends and The Big Bang Theory.
  • And the announcement that all Warner Brothers films in 2021 would stream on the platform and in theatres.
  • It seemed mutually beneficial that both companies hash out an agreement eventually. And catching HBO Max on Roku could scarcely be easier.

Is HBO Max on Roku yet?

  • And it couldn’t have happened at a better time, what with the hugely anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 getting its VOD debut on the platform on Christmas Day.
  • Being connected to the vast Roku-using market, should see their subscription figures rise significantly.
  • It is especially Day-and-date with their theatrical release – driving Roku customers to HBO Max and providing financial gains for both.

How to install HBO Max on Roku?

Existing HBO customers who have never added either channel to their Roku device should follow the  moviezwap below instructions to add HBO Max:

  • On the homepage, go to Streaming Channels
  • Select ‘New and Notable’ or ‘Movies and TV from the Channel Store
  • Click on HBO Max and ‘Add Channel’ to pin it to your home page
  • You can sign in with your existing details

If you’re not currently an HBO subscriber, it’s possible to register and pay for Roku directly using Roku Pay.

Alternatively, those subscribed to the old version of HBO ought to find this has been automatically updated to the brand-new HBO Max on their home page. If that hasn’t happened, you can just:

Select the HBO tile

  • Hit the star key on your remote
  • Pick the “Check for updates” option
  • The HBO icon should now change to HBO Max

You might find you’re entitled to HBO Max free of charge, depending on which provider you signed up to, HBO Now or HBO with – AT&T TV, for example.

  • Check the full list here to find out if you’re eligible, and avoid paying unnecessarily.

What can I watch on HBO Max with Roku?

  • Oh, just over 10,000 hours of quality entertainment from some of the biggest names in film and TV!
  • You get the gamut of HBO’s iconic and ground-breaking TV shows, including The Wire and Boardwalk Empire.
  • And more modern hits like Lovecraft Country, The Undoing and Euphoria.
  • There are select titles from Warner Brothers 100-year film library, hand-curated classics from TCM, DC Entertainment blockbusters, documentaries, a glut of animated content.
  • And you have acclaimed anime Studio Ghibli and Crunchyroll. You can even watch Earwig and the Witch – Studio Ghibli’s first foray into 3D CG.
  • Then there’s all that exclusive content – every season of Friends, Gossip Girl, and The Big Bang Theory.
  • Plus thrilling Max Original series like The Flight Attendant and Raised by Wolves. And we’ve already mentioned 17 highly anticipated movies arriving on HBO Max in 2021,

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