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Fortnite on Switch – Improved Performance, Build, and More

Fortnite on Switch – Improved Performance, Build, and More

Fortnite on Switch

Today, a new update to Fortnite on Switch is upgrading the resolution and framerate on both docked and handheld modes.

The handheld mode moves from 1000×560 to 1170×660, while docked mode’s resolution moves from 1390×780 to 1560×880.

Improved Performance

If those numbers mean nothing to you, Classic has provided an image to illustrate the upgrade’s effects.

You tin see a decent upgrade to the tree’s foliage in the foreground, allowing for sharper-looking leaves and other details:

  • Through means of framerate, Epic promises “fewer hitches, resulting in a smoother experience overall.
  • The ” Fortnite on Switch features dynamic resolution to help ensure a consistent framerate, but Epic says this will be less necessary with the new update.
  • One final change is that the new update frees up about 140MB of storage.
  • That’s non a lot by any stretch, but every byte counts on the Switch’s smaller internal storage.

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