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ExtraMovies quest: Hindi Dubbed, Bollywood, Hollywood Movies
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ExtraMovies quest: Hindi Dubbed, Bollywood, Hollywood Movies

You should discover more about ExtraMovies if you wish to download films. What do you think about the website ExtraMovies? Perhaps you are unaware of the site’s mysteries. I created this essay for you folks because of it.

A website where you may download films is called Extramovies. Additionally, Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi, Telugu, and Tamil films are available. Continue reading to learn how to watch your favourite movie on your phone with ExtraMovies.

It is against the law to download or upload content without the owner’s consent. This involves piracy of motion pictures. Movie makers spend a lot of money creating a film, but instead of seeing it, viewers watch a pirated version.

An individual who looks for “free movie downloads” or “free movie streaming” typically discovers a list of websites that offer both services. They may be Extramovies Fun or Movierulz.

What is ExtraMovies?

You can view films on the website Extramovies. The newest Bollywood and Hollywood films will be displayed on the website. On your computer or phone, you may also download them for nothing from the website.

You may watch free films online at Extramovies. There are a wide variety of films to choose from. On the movie website Extramovies, you may download Hindi films for nothing.

Typically, you may select where you wish to watch the films you download from this website. It is beneficial for those who prefer their own space to enjoy a movie and dislike crowds.


The Exclusives features of ExtraMovies

Extramovies has movies in many different categories. They have a tab for horror movies, one for comedy, and more.

  • Dual Audio Movies: It means that you can watch your movies in different languages. For example, you could watch it in Hindi and English. But not only those two languages, there are more!
  • This is a website where you can find movies. You can see both old and new movies, and you can download them for free.
  • Holywood Movies let you watch movies through your phone or computer. You can see your favorite movies.
  • Animated movies: Adults and kids can both watch free animated movies on their phones.
  • ExtraMovies is a website where you can find many different types of movies. You can watch action, comedy, and crime type movies. This is just one way to enjoy movies.
  • Documentaries are movies that are not like other movies. They can be about anything. If you watch movies, you may want something different sometimes. That is when documentaries come in handy! You can watch them on your phone with the ExtraMovies app if you have it!
  • Tollywood: You can watch and download Tollywood movies from this website because EXtramMovies includes several Tollywood Movies.
  • Web series are popular videos on this website. You can watch these videos without any hassle.

Download any types of movies:

  • Latest hindi bollywood movies.
  • South indian movies in hindi dubbed.
  • Hollywood hindi dubbed movies.
  • South indian movies.
  • Hindi dubbed movies.
  • New telegu movies.
  • All marathi movies
  • HD bengali movies
  • Tamil movies.

Some people have access to films without having to pay. The movie makers are not paid by them. They simply offer a free upload.

This explains why these websites offer free access to films, television shows, and other online content.

Some more features of Extramovies website

The Extramovies website also includes a search bar. You can watch anything you want on it. Additionally, it offers features like a comment section, a guide on how to use the website, and a list of Dual Audio films.

All these elements aid in your comprehension of the necessity of authenticity before downloading your preferred films.

The website has several locations where films are shown. flicks can be categorised as 18+, 1080p, 300MB, or action flicks, for example. Additionally, there are motion pictures from before 1968.

It also has some other formats besides these. These formats only exist in these. Usually, you can watch the entertainment of your choice in these formats.

In India, it is typical to see a rapid increase in internet usage. Sometimes it occurs as a result of excessive internet usage in one location.

By limiting how often they use the internet, ExtraMovies can help users have fast internet.

Due to the fact that it may be utilised on mobile devices, the 300 MB Dual Audio format is accessible. You will have the choice of watching the film now or downloading it to view later.

Here is Movie Size Available on this Site:

  • 300MB Movies
  • 400MB Movies
  • 600MB Movies
  • 1GB Movies
  • 2GB Movies
  • 4GB Movies

Download Bollywood Movies Online Using ExtraMovies

You may download a tonne of films from this website. Find the movie you want to watch, then view it.

Ask the site’s owner if you can’t find your favourite movie. By completing this form, you can get in touch with him.

Since this website lacks a database, there is no need to register in order to download movies from it. Each and every movie download site is comparable.

When you click the download button, links may appear because the video may have been removed or restricted due to copyright concerns.

On sometimes, an error appears when you click a link on that website. This only occurs if the site’s owner deleted that movie and blocked the person who uploaded it.

Is registration needed for downloading movies?

This website is open to everybody. There is nothing you need to register for or join up for. The website offers enjoyment, and you may watch and download your preferred videos without having to spend anything.

Is it safe to download videos/movies from ExtraMovies?

This website is open to everybody. There is nothing you need to register for or join up for. The website offers enjoyment, and you may watch and download your preferred videos without having to spend anything.

ExtraMovies gets an excellent rating despite being a pirated website. This website has a large selection of films that you may download. The website offers viewers throughout the nation access to all genres of recently released films.

Different formats depend on when the movies were released, so all you need to know is how to download movies from this site.

A freshly released film can be accessible in lower-quality versions like 3gp or MP4 if you’re seeking for it. However, there will be a wider range of formats available if you look for old films.

You should wait at least a month before looking for films to get the finest quality.

If you do this, your movie should download with HD audio and 1080p resolution, in my opinion. So please be patient if you want to view clear versions of your favourite TV series and films!

Alternative options of downloading movies on ExtramMovies

A website where you can look up films is called ExtraMovies. Both at home and outside, you can observe them. There are various languages in which films are accessible, including Hindi, Hollywood, and others.

Because it features a user-friendly interface for both desktop computers and smartphones, using this website is simple. In 2020, you can use ExtraMovies as a substitute to download or view films from this website.

Movies can be found here. You can download them as well. TV series are another option.

  • 9kMovies
  • SDMoviesPoint
  • Downloadhub
  • Big4umovies
  • Moviespapa
  • Skymovies
  • Jalshamoviez
  • DesireMovies
  • Cmovies HD
  • ssmovies
  • yomovies
  • HDMoviesHub

Some Legal Alternatives

  • Hotstar
  • Netflix
  • Max Player
  • Sony LIV
  • Voot
  • AltBalaji
  • Others

In the above links

You need a subscription to watch your favorite movies and shows in the above links. But you can use other ways to download movies. For example, 1337X torrents, Movierulz HT, World4ufree, Hindilinkss4u, and so on.

How Extramovies site owner earn money?

This website’s owner derives his income from adverts. Since they don’t want to look like adverts, there are plenty of them when you first access our website.

Make sure you see all of the buttons in the same location when you attempt to download a page of the movie from our website.

There will be just one button for downloading. It’s possible that something will instantly begin downloading when you click on any other button (such as an advertisement).

Your phone may occasionally download harmful apps. Be cautious at all times.

ExtraMovies latest links

The original copyright owner may remove this website as it is a pirated one. Because of this, the owner of the website must continually update the domain.

Here are some updated extramovies site connections. If you wish to access that site, you can try these.

Why this site are illegal?

A website owner is not permitted to post films without authorization. It makes no difference whether it is written or visual. It is against the law to download or upload content without authorization.

That’s why I’d prefer that none of my viewers visit websites like this. They are unlawful, which is bad.

A website’s owner makes money from the ads there. But not all effective commercials are permitted; only a select few. They utilise poor, ineffective advertisements as a result.

Some people have a camera that they can use to record films at the theatre and upload them to their websites. However, they don’t bother about copyright laws when they’re recording games.


If you’re looking for new films to download or just want to keep up with the latest releases, is the website for you! There are a lot of films available, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Don’t wait any longer, start downloading movies from right away because it is secure and easy to do so.

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