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Shellac Nails – Ensure Beauty, Technology of This Deck Nail, and More

Shellac Nails – Ensure Beauty, Technology of This Deck Nail, and More

Shellac Nails

Nowadays, the use of shellac nails to cover the nails is becoming more and more popular. For those who do not know what nail shellac is.

I mean that it is a covering that can be something in between the lacquer and gel.

What is nail shellac?

  • Shellac not only makes the nails beautiful and allows you to walk with the ideal manicure over several weeks but has a composition, which allows achieving that the nails become much stronger.
  • In addition to this, it allows maximum protection from damage of a different kind. Knowing about what nail shellac is.
  • Who values her time and always tries to be well cared for.
  • This coating can be applied not only on long nails. Shellac is also applied to short nails. Its use can be called the best option for those who cannot boast of strong toenails.

Shellac will ensure beauty

  • If you are good at varnishes’ chemical composition, you probably already know what nail shellac is and what its chemical properties are.
  • First, I want to point out that this coverage does not cause any allergic reaction. Shellac does not contain formaldehyde.

What is the application technology of this deck nail?

  • There are no secrets, and there are not – it is applied in the same way, like a varnish. And that is when it comes to removing shellac from nails for the success of its application.
  • It will be enough to acquire a tool for lifting the nails. When each pin is better, wrap a piece of hard disk soaked in this tool, shawl it in aluminium foil and let it break for about ten, fifteen minutes.
  • After which, it is enough to resort to the help of a manual shell of the wand. So, now that you know about what nail shellac is, and if you want.
  • You can personally make sure that the coating not only looks great on your nails but is also very practical.

The application procedure

  • To properly apply the shellac on the nail surface, this surface must be pre-prepared. To do this, the nail must be given a certain shape and the cuticle removed.
  • I want to immediately point out that before applying coating color, the base must be used, which helps as a protective layer for the nail.
  • After the ground has dried, the coating is applied directly. You can add coverage with nail shellac (photos of this process can be seen in specialized magazines) using a primary color and a different color.
  • The next step is drying the surface. It is advisable to do this only under the antibacterial lamp.
  • However, the color was intense and seemed brighter. It is recommended to apply the coating, not in one but two layers.
  • After the second coat dries, a so-called fixing agent should also be used. After drying with the help of a special liquid, remove the sticky layer from the surface.

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