Smart Speaker

We are looking for the best smart speaker. You have found the definitive buying guide. In this comparison, you will find 5 of the best quality-price intelligent speakers.

We have been based on its characteristics, virtual assistants and different opinions.

1.Amazon Echo Spot

  • The intelligent speaker alarm clock with the voice of Alexa. This wonderful and beautiful smart speaker is one of the best sellers today.
  • Its spherical shape and its 2.5-inch screen make it a different model from the others.
  • Also, you can choose a still image, or it is possible to configure different background scenes.
  • The most common is to choose a design that shows clockwise.

How could it be otherwise? You will also enjoy this type of device’s inherent features, such as listening to music.

  • You are associating other devices to control them with your voice or asking Alexa a multitude of questions.
  • Finally, note that it is possible to associate surveillance cameras with this Amazon smart speaker and see what happens on its screen.

2) Sonos Beam

Will it be the best smart speaker for listening to music?

  • In addition to integrating a virtual assistant, each “Smart Speaker” offers different functionalities. And some are better at some things than others.
  • In addition to making your life more accessible, thanks to Alexa.
  • The Sonos Beam is an absolute blast if you look for a model that plays your favorite songs.
  • Altogether you have to do is say: “Alexa play Rihanna’s latest album,” “Play a pop music list,” or “Play John Lennon’s Imagine.
  • ” As you can see, it is a new way to enjoy the best music and incredible sound quality.

3) Amazon Echo Studio

An intelligent speaker for domotics (ZigBee connection). Who has not dreamed of turning the light on and off by talking?

  • Or, even, would you like to raise and lower the blinds with your voice.
  • Now, it is true that the majority of smart speakers on the market.
  • You can get it, but the Amazon Echo Studio offers an addition, and that is that it has a ZigBee connection.
  • This technology implies that the speaker will be the centre of artificial intelligence in your home and function as a single hub.
  • To understand it better, many devices need concentrators or “hubs” to interconnect with each other.
  • However, thanks to the Echo Studio and the ZigBee connection, you will do it directly.


  • Smart speaker compatible with Google Home and Siri. We are talking about another intelligent speaker, but this voice with Siri and Google Assistant as virtual assistants.
  • Also, he has excellent predisposition when it comes to listening to music.
  • If something should be noted, you will fill any room through its 30 W of power (and from a single speaker).
  • Thanks to the WiFi connection, you can access the best playlists or applications like Spotify.
  • Also, voice control is another of the great features that it treasures.

And as we have seen, it can be controlled through Google Home or Siri.