Cats. Along with dogs, they are probably the most popular pets out there. They can be surprisingly loving and playful, while at the same time, very independent and reliable. However, it is true that, just like dogs, various of their traits can be heavily influenced by their breed, especially when we talk about physical traits.

If you have been pondering about it, the physical features that can be decided by the breed include things like the size, coat and its color, shape of their head, nose and ears, and even the length of their legs and tail.

But there’s more to it than just that, and in this article, we will talk about it and teach why it matters so much when it comes to adopting a cat as a pet!

Physical Features.

There are many different types of cats out there, and if you don’t believe me, you can always check to see some of the breeds that are spread around the world. A lot of these breeds have certain similarities, while at the same time, they have some differences that make them unique.

The Munchkin breed is a very good example. They are considered midget cats because of how small and short-legged they are, and this can definitely affect how they interact with their environment and how owners should handle them. For Munchkin owners, it is recommended to have objects and supports for them to jump around since they can injure themselves while trying to reach certain places.

Now, Munchkins are considered indoor cats since they are much more comfortable and happy when they are kept inside your house. However, cats like the Bengal and the Norwegian Forest cat are considered outdoor animals, just because they are much bigger and physically active, and need a certain level of exercising and interaction with nature to be healthy.

Personality and Behavior

Something important to note is that many of the personality traits and behaviors a cat might display are decided by its breed as well.

There are even studies regarding a breed’s behavior since some breeds can heavily influence the level of aggression and sociability a cat might display. Angora and Turkish Van cats, for example, are more likely to be aggressive, while Abyssinians, Siameses, and Ragdolls are more likely to be sociable and interact with their owners.

That being said, breeds like the Scottish Fold or Siamese are well known for being more likely to suffer a particular affliction known as separation anxiety, which causes them a lot of distress and anxiety when left alone. Adopted cats are also more likely to suffer from separation anxiety as well.

For that reason, it is often recommended to have a pair of cats to help each other deal with the anxiety and distress that might be caused by this particular affliction. There are many ways of handling a cat with separation anxiety, but this often involves a lot of effort and time.

Why It Is Important to Consider the Breed

Deciding on a cat based on its breed is a very responsible thing to do just because it ensures that you and your cat will be compatible with each other and the circumstance surrounding you.

Those who are not at home all the time should not take care of a cat with separation anxiety, for example, and those who lead sedentary lifestyles might not be compatible with cats that require regular exercise, thus, future cat owners should pay attention to the breed to make sure that they are capable of handling the challenge.

It is also important to consider your circumstances when it comes to adopting any type of animal. For example, if you live with children, you will want one of the breeds mentioned over here, just because they are well known for being friendly and sociable, which is always a big plus when children are involved.

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Dealing with a Cat as a First Time Owner


There are some traits that are present in most cats. For instance, they are easy to handle in certain aspects, such as grooming them or bathing them, just because they tend to do it themselves. Cats are also very easy to train when it comes to dealing with their necessities such as “going to the bathroom”, and they can also be taught how to use scratching spots and automatic feeders.

It is essential for first-time cat owners to own the right supplies to be prepared for the experience, regardless of the adopted breed. Some of the supplies that can definitely help you during your journey include:

  • A litter box and cat sand, so they can do their necessities with ease
  • Toys to help them spend some of their energy and exercise, which is very important avoid overweight, aggressiveness and destructive behavior
  • Scratching spots to avoid them from ruining your house
  • A stand for them to observe the place, especially when you are nearby doing chores such as cooking or working
  • A bed, so they can rest comfortably
  • Grooming tools to avoid excessive shedding
  • Nutritious dry food to feed your cat on a regular basis, and wet food to give them every now and then to help them with their digestion
  • A water sprayer to shoot them down whenever they misconduct

If possible, you should have a couple of cats, since this not only helps them develop social skills but also, helps them improve their mood and exercise, while avoiding problems related to separation anxiety and loneliness.