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How Much Biotin Should I Take? – Hair loss, Toxicity, and More

How Much Biotin Should I Take? – Hair loss, Toxicity, and More

How Much Biotin Should I Take

How much biotin should I take? Biotin supplements are the best remedy for maintaining hair thickness.

And we are keeping it healthy and preventing or reducing hair loss.

What is biotin?

  • Biotin (vitamin H or B7) is a water-soluble vitamin B. Since biotin is used or expelled, it has to be replenished every day.

Biotin is the diet:

  • Biotin is found in the liver, sardines, egg yolk, and brewer’s yeast. Plant sources of it are cauliflower, bananas, legumes, and mushrooms.

Hair loss:

  • It is helpful to prevent hair loss caused by alopecia, stress, age, and scalp diseases.
  • A diet rich, supplements, and topical applications is used to treat hair loss.


  • The recommended daily amount is 30 mcg/day. Dermatologists recommend 2 mg per day for hair growth treatment and 3 mg to reduce hair loss.


  • It has no adverse effects, even at high doses of 200 mg per day in patients with metabolic deficiencies from birth.

Why Is Biotin An Effective Supplement For Hair Growth?

  • I know that you are anxious and want to start taking what for you will be the pills of happiness forever.
  • But it is essential to know precisely what you are putting into your body when it comes to health issues.
  • So I want to stop for a moment and explain.
  • There are many supplements for hair growth on the market, from natural remedies to commercial products.
  • Such as shampoos, conditioners and hair masks.
  • However, considered one of the best vitamins for hair growth today.
  • Also called vitamin B7, is vital for cell proliferation and the production of amino acids.
  • Which are the building blocks of proteins. Hair is made up of keratin, which is nothing more than a protein.

Do you realize then the relationship of biotin with hair?

  • Biotin stimulates keratin formation, one of the essential natural proteins for each of our hair’s health.
  • But the power doesn’t end there.
  • It also helps regulate the functions of the sebaceous glands of the scalp.
  • When you take pills, you make your hair follicles healthier, which means longer and stronger hair.
  • In addition, it reduces the breakage of the hair fibres.
  • Now that we know what it is and what is its relationship with hair growth.
  • Let’s see what would be the recommended dose of pills per day.

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