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Gmail Logo

The American company Google launched its email “Gmail”. The launch was made on April 15, 2004, and since then, the Gmail logo.

It is the email that has been used the most among consumers. In this way, “Gmail” is the most used email worldwide and is translated into 72 languages.


  • Officially “Gmail” was born in mid-April 2004. However, from the beginning, it did not have much impact.
  • Since its first users were the same Google employees and the platform was available by invitation.
  • Previously, “Gmail” was called “Google Groups”, which did not last long since the change to the current name was made.
  • When being officially presented “Gmail”, the Google company already had twelve people working to improve the project.
  • They managed to stand out early on, offering 1GB of storage when most competitors had less than 100MB.
  • The idea was born from the possibility of never having to delete an email because it would have enough storage capacity.
  • It was the triumph of Google because they generated a desire to have more space in the mailbox, and they had many new options, such as save emails.

In April 2005:

  • They launched their new URL, and the storage reached 2GB of space, but also the matter went further and revealed that this mailbox would grow day after day automatically. That same year they launched a mobile version.

Finally in 2007:

  • Worldwide registrations were released, and invitations were not needing to access Gmail.
  • Then, in 2012 the capacity of 7.5 GB arrived, and a little later, those mailboxes reached 10 GB.
  • Then they launched Google Drive, a year after Google announced that the capabilities of its services were Gmail.
  • Drive and Google + Photos were unifying in a virtual 15 GB drive shared between those services.
  • Thus, in 2019, “Gmail” celebrates 15 years from the moment of its launch.
  • Previously, the Gmail logo was practically the same typeface as Google, but the letter “M” represents an envelope with red borders.
  • The first letter, “M,” represents an envelope with red edges. The letter “G” refers to Google’s mother company, and the word “mail” means “mail.”

Logo and colors

  • After all, last year, they did a redesign of their logo, and only the letter “M” is lifting in capital letters in the form of an envelope that is opening every time you start the mail.
  • Practically, the symbol of the famous e-mail is an envelope, which comes to mean “message”.
  • The logo has been made more minimalist, with rounded corners in a part of the mail envelope in a gray color and the lines that form the letter “M” are red.
  • To conclude, it is essential to note that Gmail opts for simplicity and an easy-to-remember logo.
  • Using the red color that refers to google would become an extension of it, which today has become indispensable.

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