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Best Eyelash Glue – 8 Best Eyelash Glue To Choose

Best Eyelash Glue – 8 Best Eyelash Glue To Choose

Best Eyelash Glue

If you use extensions or permanent false eyelashes, you prefer to sleep with a spotless face and stick them on after daily makeup.

Or if you only use eyelashes, the best eyelash glue is when you have a special event, or if you like rows, bulbs or hair extensions more bareback, in any case, you need the right glue of your choice.

8 Best Eyelash Glue To Choose

1. Joligel False Eyelash Glue

  • Although it is not the cheapest of glues, it is the safest to use when the skin becomes inflamed, irritated.
  • Or it flaked from continued use of other latex products. Just wait a few seconds for it to sin perfectly.

2. Daejim Chemical Lady Black

  • This quick-drying glue is best suited for a makeup professional who is well experienced in lash glueing technique.
  • It causes less irritation and lasts over 30 days on the natural lash line.

3. Glam Advanced Mybeautyeyes

  • Latex-free dries 2-4 seconds. This eyelash glue one by one or in sections sets them for 4-5 weeks.
  • It is an excellent option for glueing classic volume and Russian volume lashes. It dries quickly.

4. O³ False Eyelash Glue

  • If you want to buy the best glue to avoid wasting time, in 3 seconds, each extension will perfectly adhere to the natural eyelash with this glue.
  • Better if it is applied by a professional so that it does not burn.

5. DUO

  • Super inexpensive and easy to apply, this glue will do its job until you decide to remove it.
  • Very functional because you can achieve a style suitable for day-to-day life and also a high-impact one.

6. LashGrip Ardell

  • This glue works very well, but it is advisable to try the technique beforehand because it is black, dries quickly and firmly glues each eyelash.
  • Strip or section without leaving the typical glue line. It is easily removed.

7. Neicha ELITE

  • There is an excellent value for money in this long-lasting glue if your purpose is to save time and have semi-permanent results that last up to 7 weeks.
  • It is not recommended for self-application because it dries super fast.

8. LashTite Ardell

  • With this amount, you can stick the eyelashes for daily use for several months. You can swim or dive without missing almost any.
  • The glue is removed quickly and smoothly with oil or gel, but the eyelash will not be easy to fall off.

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