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Computer Games for Kids – 5 Best Computer Games for Kids

Computer Games for Kids – 5 Best Computer Games for Kids

Computer Games for Kids

Modern people cannot imagine life without computer games for kids. People who are now in their thirties passed their childhoods.

At a time when such electronic devices were still a rarity. But today’s children sit on the monitor from a very young age. What will come of this after several decades is unclear.

1. The Sims

  • It is a whole series of computer games, the first of which appeared in 2000.
  • To date, it is considered one of the most popular computer games for girls, the majority of copies sold.
  • In this game, you create (virtual) people yourself and then manage their lives.
  • Initially, create a specific family consisting of six members. Each of them has particular characteristics for various valuable abilities.
  • During the game, you need to increase these characteristics, thereby improving your skills.
  • Each of your heroes has its own needs that you must satisfy. If these needs (food, communication, comfort, hygiene, entertainment).
  • Are not met, the character becomes depressed and stops obeying you.
  • The game heroes must go to work, and they must settle in a house that has yet to be bought; they can make a career.

2. Fashion Mania

  • This game entered the market in 2008 and almost immediately became popular. Girl Jane opens her clothing store.
  • And wants to succeed in a new field. And you must help her with this.
  • It would help if you learned how to manage your staff, competently conduct financial affairs, and attract new clients.
  • It is essential to fulfilling all customer orders on a strictly established schedule.
  • His ultimate goal is to turn the store into a fashion salon. You can choose your store’s development direction.
  • It can be a men’s or women’s clothing store. Based on your choice, the rules of the game are established.

3. The queen of matches

  • A classic game for girls ranks third on our list. In this game, you need to receive guests.
  • And not just accept, but do it at the highest level. You must drink and feed and then lie down.

4. The city of dreams

  • This game belongs to the genre of strategies. In it, you build the city of your dreams and place everything you want.
  • This game has elements of an economic system because you must strictly control the town’s income and expenses. Also, you must follow its social life.
  • It will plan new buildings and urban infrastructure and solve problems that arise during any society’s development.
  • The game very accurately repeats the relationships that have developed in modern society and are therefore quite informative.

5. Fishdom

  • If you dreamed of starting an aquarium in childhood and your parents did not allow you to do so, then this game is for you.
  • In the game, you will not have one but three aquariums simultaneously, which you must take care of.
  • This game was released in 2008 and almost immediately gained enormous popularity, especially among girls.
    You will have to take care of several aquariums. It is done in three areas: fish, jewellery, and comfort.
  • You can buy various types of fish (limited number), algae, snags and stones. You also need to take care of multiple filters, lighting and feeding of your pets.

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