Best Hair Brush – 5 Best Hair Brushes for Every Hair Type

Best Hair Brush

Brushing your hair helps your hair look neat and promotes the scalp’s circulation, the best hair brush that impacts good hair health.

Also, the natural fat in this area is redistributed throughout the hair creating a protective film.

Brush the hair every day, and before and after washing, it is essential to help these healthy gestures.

5 Best Hair Brushes for Every Hair Type

1.Wooden combs:

  • Lately, brushes made with bamboo or wooden bristles have become fashionable.
  • Above all, they are aesthetically beautiful brushes, the favourites of those who care about leading a plastic-free life.
  • In addition to their sustainability, these brushes are ideal to avoid static electricity in the hair.
  • It is also ideal for stimulating the scalp’s circulation since its thick, and stiff bristles work by massaging the area.
  • But beware, if your hair is fragile and brittle, it would not be recommended to use it to detangle the hair.

2.Wide rectangular brush:

  • If you show off your hair, you need a broad, rectangular-shaped brush, also known as racket brushes.
  • Also, it is recommended for fine hair as its large surface allows a large amount of hair to be combed with fewer strokes, which prevents the hair fibre from breaking.
  • In this case, Elías Pedrosa, creative director of Oculto Hair Club in Madrid.
  • Recommends avoiding those with bristles that end up in balls as they “hinder hair detangling and can cause breakage”.

3.The famous Tangle Teezer brush:

  • A couple of years ago, a humble-looking little brush arrived ready to revolutionize the brushing world.
  • We are talking about the Tangle Teezer, that plastic brush, many times without a handle, completely square.
  • Whose small tines and of different lengths promised a detangling without pulling.
  • It is ideal for detangling wet hair. When dry and due to its plastic bristles, it could cause annoying static electricity.

4.Skeleton brush:

  • This brush with separate bristles and a skeleton that lets the air pass through is perfect for preparing very long and abundant hair for drying.
  • The spaces between the bristles and their shape allow air to pass through the brush, reducing humidity.
  • It is also a good ally of curly manes with which better-defined curls are achieved.
  • Another advantage of this brush is that it helps create toupee or carded hairstyles in a more efficient way.

5.Natural bristle brushes:

  • Brushes with boar or pig bristles are the most advisable to achieve a shinier mane, eliminate dead skin and avoid the dreaded “frizz”.
  • Also, it helps the natural oils of the scalp to be well distributed throughout the head.
  • They are recommended for fine hair and to comb it after drying.

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