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Are Air Fryers Worth It? – Advantage, Disadvantages, and More

Are Air Fryers Worth It? – Advantage, Disadvantages, and More

Are Air Fryers Worth It

Are air fryers worth it? Although air fryers can be practical since they help you cook.

When you have little time between home and work, they also consume more electricity than a conventional electric fryer.

What are the advantages and problems of the exploitation of an air fryer?

The investigations into these new allies of the millennial kitchen are just beginning.

What is undeniable is that, since their appearance on the market, air fryers have gained followers. This, because they cook food without using oils.

But, when in doubt, we will recount the advantages and disadvantages of using air fryers.


They do not use oil. It is good to avoid trans fats (derived from the frying process).

However, you have to be aware of each food’s nutritional value. Eating breaded chicken wings will not be healthier just because they are made with air.

Its low cost. Today, it is possible to find excellent promotions on the market, from fundamental models to more sophisticated ones.

Suitable size for any kitchen. Without the desire to sound like an infomercial, we have to admit that air fryers are perfect, even for those who live in a tiny apartment. That is always appreciated.


High temperatures. Even when frying is oil-free, high cooking temperatures can still cause significant changes in foods’ chemical composition, as the Hong Kong study showed.

They are not the best for meats. About the previous point, meats, cooked at the air fryer’s temperature. Produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and heterocyclic amines (HCA), both related to cancer.

Cost-utility ratio. If you only plan to use the air fryer for a few occasions or prepare certain foods (popcorn, for example), investing in this appliance may not be the best investment.

In conclusion:

  • More than an Instagram and TikTok fad, air fryers are an excellent option to reduce our oil consumption.
  • However, it is always best to prepare fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, avoid breaded and all nighttime snacks.

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