Ammonia Free Hair Dye

Ammonia free hair dye is the most recommended to avoid mistreatment of the hair and maintain its shiny and silky appearance.

They provide more excellent protection to your hair and can be applied to any type, even when you have weak or brittle hair.

What color without ammonia to buy?

1. Garnier Olia

  • It is a product that offers you extreme bleaching for the best results. It is perfect for those looking for natural results and the best look of their hair.
  • However, it has ingredients that provide hydration to the hair giving nutrition at all times.
  • Provides an intense shine so you will look healthy at all times and without dryness.
  • It is a product that has a great capacity to cover grey hair from the root and includes natural flower extracts that do not have ammonia.
  • You are giving your hair naturalness and the best results. It is a product that prevents mistreatment of the scalp.
  • So you will not have to worry about itching with redness when applying it.

2. Farmatint

  • It is a permanent-use dye with great naturalness, which keeps hair shiny and looking good at all times.
  • However, it does not present even a trace of ammonia, and it is also free of parabens, paraffin and silicones.
  • It guarantees 100% coverage of grey hair if you want to use it for that purpose, but it is also optimal for reflections.
  • This product has a unique technology that activates the colour and enhances it after application.
  • It includes among its accessories a balm for colouring, and that has natural ingredients.
  • It offers protection to the hair concerning natural sunlight and protects the hair colour and fibre at all times, so it does not affect your scalp.

3. Natural Henna

  • It is a kind of colour cream that does not have parabens, sulfates and ammonia. The colour is quite striking and lasts for a reasonable period.
  • It comes prepared to use and has among its ingredients nettle extract that provides nutrition to your hair and a better appearance. It is made up of olive oil and resin oil.
  • Don’t worry about the presence of chemical agents. The waiting time for the hair to absorb the heat is approximately 30 minutes.
  • It can be used to colour practically any hair, regardless of its length or thickness.
  • It is the perfect product for those who have a sensitive scalp and skin since the chances of allergies are relatively low.

4. L’Oréal Paris

  • Another type of dye that you can not stop looking at gives you an even tone throughout your hair.
  • It comes in a copper and gold colour that will also serve you when you want to apply reflections.
  • However, it has excellent durability against continuous washing and guarantees 100% coverage on grey hair.
  • It is a cream-like product that applies quickly and easily and becomes the perfect alternative for intense colour.
  • It is perfect for those who want multidimensional and natural highlights.
  • However, it can be applied even in people who have a dark base and have difficulty absorbing this type of light dye.

5. L’Oréal Paris

  • It is one of the most sought after dyes, and it has become the perfect option for those looking for the Balayage effect.
  • However, it is ideal for hair bleaching. It does this effectively and removes eleven dark pigments with great ease.
  • And also includes a unique brush so you can design the type of colouring ideal for streaks and reflections.
  • However, it is ideal for the dissolution of natural pigments and decoration and does it subtly without putting the condition or health of your hair at risk.
  • It is made with ingredients that nourish the hair and give it an intense shine. It includes a rinse with activating oil so that it can be applied to all hair.

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