How Much Does Botox Cost

Its benefits and contraindications and how much does botox cost. To use their services to erase the traces of time on your skin.

Learn about the medical uses of Botox and its applications in the field of aesthetics.

What is botox?

  • The botulinum toxin type A (of the seven existing types), also called Botulinum or Botox.
  • The last name that corresponds to the name of the first brand to be marketing is a neurotoxin produced by a bacterium.
  • The first time it was applying in medicine was in the late 1970s to treat strabismus.
  • Since then, its therapeutic applications and its regular uses in aesthetic procedures have become more and more numerous.
  • It is because, among other properties, botox can paralyze the muscles. It means that it is using to treat different diseases.
  • Although its most widespread use, for which it became popularly known and which is on the rise, is for its use in the cosmetic sector for the correction of facial wrinkles.

How much does it cost to put on Botox?

  • The price of treatment with botulinum toxin will depend on the area that we
    will treat.
  • And the frequency with which we do it since its effects are not permanent and usually last six months.
  • It means that several infiltrations are carrying out throughout the year that can be from two to three depending on the effect we want to achieve.
  • Some approximate prices for botox treatments are:
  • The perimeter of the mouth and cheekbones: between 200 and 250 euros per infiltration.
  • Eyes: as in the previous case, reducing the lines of our ‘crow’s feet’ using botox costs just over 250 euros per infiltration.
  • Brow and forehead: the forehead is the most extensive treatment area. Its cost is also higher. The price is around 300 euros per session.
  • Although they are not cheap or affordable treatments for all budgets, their application is becoming more frequent. It is perhaps because many clinics offer payment facilities and offers.
  • In this sense, the most profitable option and the one you can surely benefit from is the discounts for Botox treatments for a whole year.
  • However(2 or 3 injections depending on the amount applied in each session. The area that is going to treat) or the full face (forehead, eyes and mouth). Instead of paying for each session and space individually.