Best Games for Nintendo Switch

The best games for Nintendo switch offer many hours of fun to players. There are hardly any interruptions.

And the player has a lot of freedom to move around the stage. Although it does not have as much diversity as other consoles, Nintendo Switch has critical open-world games in its catalogue.

5 Best Games for Nintendo Switch

1.The Legend of Zelda:

  • Breath of the Wild – It is an action-adventure RPG developed and distributed by Nintendo.
  • It is the eighteenth instalment in the series and the first The Legend of Zelda game for Nintendo Switch.
  • The story has the same essence as the previous instalments, but several essential details change that goes hand in hand with the new skills, graphics and gameplay.
  • But he gets a stone called Sheikah that allows him to open doors and escape from the place until he meets an older man who tells him about his destiny.
  • The protagonist’s main objective is to eliminate the evil Ganon, the Cataclysm and save Princess Zelda.

2.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the latest instalment. Developed by CD Projekt RED, RPG is an excellent open-world where we are Geralt from Rivia.
  • We have to find the girl of the prophecy while we go through all kinds of dangerous areas such as mountain passes and forgotten caves.
  • As in all RPGs, you have to improve the weapons and other pieces of equipment and buy potions to face the combats with guarantees and not die trying.
  • In the title of CD Projekt RED, there are a large number of exotic monsters that will put us to the test.
  • During The Game Awards 2015 gala, it was awarded as Game of the Year, while at E3, the game was announced for Nintendo Switch.

3.Monster Hunter: World:

  • Monster Hunter: World is a Capcom action game with RPG touches. In this instalment, we find a new and vast world where we have to kill great monsters once again.
  • The game can be played alone or in a cooperative with up to three players.
  • Throughout the game, you have to accept missions in which you are asked to hunt a monster.
  • When completing a mission, we receive materials to create better weapons and armour essential to kill monsters for the powerful.


  • Minecraft is the best-selling game in history, a true revolution in the video game industry as it takes the concept of LEGO one step further.
  • However, in Minecraft, you have an infinite world full of creatures of all kinds, both good (cows, pigs, chickens, inhabitants).
  • And the evil (creepers, spiders, skeletons) and your goal will be to survive and build everything your imagination allows you through the use of blocks of all kinds.

5.Immortals Fenyx Rising:

  • This is an action-adventure video game set in Greek mythology advanced and distributed by Ubisoft.
  • The story is near a forgotting heroine named Fenyx, who has to prove her worth fighting against mythological creatures and eliminating her leader.
  • And also, we will explore a world where all kinds of trials, dungeons, and feats await us through the game.
  • The gameplay has a third-person perspective. And the character can carry different weapons and use special abilities to overcome. The missions of the game and solve complex puzzles.