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Technology Write for usTechnology write for us: Technology is all around us, from Shazam to Spotify to that slick new Tesla you’ll purchase one day. Here’s an overview of what university grads might expect.

Consider every sci-fi film you’ve ever seen that was set in the future. The importance of technology in creating that parallel universe is something they all share in common. Flying cars speed through the skies, supercomputers manage events, robots become so lifelike that it’s impossible to tell them from… the list goes on and on! Considering how far technology has already taken us, it’s no surprise that its sheer potential fascinates us.

Humans have been utilizing technology for a long time, long before we had a name for it. We started employing technology the moment we began designing tools to help us do things better than we could on our own. In essence, “technology” is the understanding and application of specific processes and skills in creating products and services that meet particular needs.

Technology is all about?

“Invention” is a word that is frequently associated with technology. By its very nature, technology is imaginative, either improving on what already exists or inventing something new to address a problem or issue.

The invention of the wheel was one of the first technological applications; humans built a deceptively simple device that revolutionized our lives by making it much easier to go from one place to another. Few technologies since then have had such a significant impact on human life and propelled us inexorably toward a future of fast technological advancement. The inventions of the steam engine, the harnessing of electricity, and – most recently – the internet is comparable to the wheel. These technological advancements were catalysts for tremendous change, and they have significantly influenced the society we live in today.

Technology is all around us nowadays. It’s right there when you need to Shazam a song you just heard so you can add it to your Spotify playlist. It’s there when you’re hiking through South America and need to upload your images to the cloud or share them on Instagram to give your friends FOMO. It’s in the swanky new Tesla you’ve set your sights on someday.

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