Isosceles triangle and what it is all about

An isosceles triangle is one where a couple of sides have equal measure whereas the third one would be of a different measure. A triangle would be three sided polygons and based on the length of their sides classification occurs. Let us understand in details about isosceles triangle along with their properties.

Isosceles triangle and their properties

As discussed earlier an isosceles triangle has a couple of sides equal in length. A small activity would enable you to understand things in a better way. You need to take a rectangular sheet and fold it into half. There is a need to draw a line from the top hand corner to the bottom edge. Once you upon a sheet you may come across a triangle. There is a need to mark the verticals of the triangle as A, B and C.  Then you need to measure AC and AB. You need to be repeating this activity with various measures and check out the pattern. A trend that is visible would be AC and AB is always going to be equal. In fact a triangle where a couple of sides are equal is known as isosceles triangle.

Every geometric figure is known to possess certain properties, which is going to make it different and unique from the others. Let us get to some of the properties of an isosceles triangle

  • A couple of sides of an isosceles triangle is referred to as the legs. The angle between them is known as the apex angle or the vertex angle
  • The side that is opposite of the vertex angle is referred to as the base and all the base angles turn out to be equal
  • The perpendicular that emerges from the basic angle would bisect the base and the vertex angle.

You can calculate the area of isosceles triangle, if you are aware of all the sides a and the base b is known. It is possible to arrive at the area where the length of both sides a and b along with the angle between them clearly known. So it is obvious that the area and perimeter of an isosceles triangle can be calculated in obvious ways. From the above list of formulas it becomes easy to calculate the same.

How is it possible to understand whether a triangle is an Isosceles one?

A triangle can be equilateral, scalene. All of them are classified based on the length sides. If in any triangle a couple of sides are equal it is known as an isosceles triangle.

Do all the angles in an isosceles triangle measure up to 180 degrees?

It is an obvious fact that the sum of all the internal angles would be 180 degrees. Hence it is common that all the angles of an isosceles triangle would measure up to 180 degrees.

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What would be the various angles in an isosceles triangle?

It would be having a vertex and a couple of base angles. It is understood that the base of all the angles in an isosceles would be measuring the same.

Can the isosceles triangle be right?

Yes it is possible for an isosceles triangle to be right. But for it to happen the measurement of the angles has to be 90 degree, 45 and 45 degree respectively.

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